Atlassian User Groups

Atlassian user groups are run by users, for users. Over 40,000 people take part in user groups worldwide—sharing ideas and innovative ways to use Atlassian products IRL. By joining your local user group, you’ll have access to:
Valuable content
Deep dive into interesting topics through presentations, webinars, and more from Atlassian. The best part? No sales pitches. Ever.
All the swag!
Get free, special edition Community swag and Atlassian goodies at every event.
Networking opportunities
Meet the most active users anywhere and learn from their successes and failures.
Exclusive discounts
Save on certification exams and passes to our premier events and conferences.
Bring a friend
All User Group events are free to attend. Bring a +1 and enjoy free snacks, refreshments, and good company.
The inside scoop
Atlassian considers the User Group community to be part of the Atlassian family, and being part of the family means being the first to know about the latest updates.
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