Atlassian User Groups are community-led gatherings of Atlassian users.

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The perks of joining an Atlassian User Group

Boost your knowledge

One of the top reasons our user group members keep coming back for more is the abundance of knowledge sharing at user groups. Learn best practices and hear what works (or doesn’t work) for teams just like yours.

Access & discounts

As a user group member, you'll be able to partner directly with Atlassian product teams to provide feedback, shape our roadmap, and beta test new launches. You'll also get sweet discounts on Atlassian events and, of course, endless free swag.

Meet users like you

Meet Atlassian users from your area who share common interests and a passion for all things Atlassian. Grow your professional network and develop meaningful connections at user group events.

What is an Atlassian User Group?

Membership do's

Keep it positive

User group events are meant to be fun, solutions-oriented, and welcoming. If you have a suggestion or any feedback, let us know.

Check your inbox

Your user group leader will use email to announce upcoming events in your city, so make sure your email is up-to-date and keep your eyes peeled.


An accurate head count helps your user group leader plan for food, beverages, and future events.

Bring a friend

Atlassian User Groups are free to attend and welcome to all. Feel free to bring a coworker or industry friend along — the more the merrier!

Share your knowledge

Whether you're a product guru or just looking to practice your public speaking skills, we encourage any of our members to present. If you're interested, let your user group leader know.

No sales pitches

We’re sure your company is great, but this is not the place to market your services.

Well, what are you waiting for?

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