Atlassian User Group Leaders are Atlassian customers just like you. They volunteer their time to create interesting, fun events and have varied expertise (beginner to advanced) on a range of Atlassian products.

What does it take to be a leader?

Plan and promote events

You'll be responsible for scheduling, planning and promoting at least four user group events a year. Don't worry, we'll give you lots of resources, including swag and reimbursements, to support you.

Make events valuable

Make sure your group's meetings are welcoming, interactive, and full of relevant content for your users. We'll give you exclusive content, sample agendas and more to help you, though the best talks often come directly from your members.

Provide valuable feedback

We'll be your behind-the-scenes partner. As such, we want your regular feedback so we can better support you and the growing Atlassian community.


Perks of being an Atlassian User Group Leader

Active user group leaders receive the following, plus a few surprise extras each year:

Summit Discount

Active leaders are eligible to receive a free ticket to Summit, our annual user conference. You’ll also be invited to our annual AUG leader appreciation dinner and awards ceremony.


T-shirts, hoodies, and more. We're serious about our swag!

Inside Access

Opportunities to test new products and give feedback to Atlassian product teams

Leadership guidelines

Learn more about user group leader rules, requirements, how to's and more


How can I become an Atlassian User Group Leader?

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Leadership FAQs

Yes! If your company uses Atlassian products with over 500 active users you are eligible to host a company user group. Learn more about company user groups.

Yes! Some user groups have a single leader but others have as many as five. The benefit of more user group leaders is they can take ownership of different aspects of user group event planning and hosting.

Typically, user group leaders ask their group members for feedback during meetings and in post-event surveys. Atlassian also provides a content library to user group leaders to pull videos and presentations to share at events.

No. We understand you're busy and there’s no set commitment. If you don’t think you can take on the commitment of being a leader anymore, let us know and we'll work with you to transition the user group over to a new leader.

Yes. Sponsorship varies among the different user groups but usually includes providing a meeting space for the event, funds for food and beverages, speakers and content.

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