AUG Glasgow - Springtime Meetup

March 1, 2017 / 6:30 PM

37 Members Attended

About this event

Join us for the fourth official Atlassian User Group meetup in Glasgow on 01 March! The theme for this meetup is 'planning'. If you're a Project Manager, work on a product with a roadmap, or are simply interested in how you plan work in JIRA, then this is the event for you! We'll have various short talks/presentations covering JIRA and add-ons like JIRA Portfolio. 

We are currently seeking an AUG Leader! 

An AUG must be led by the community, so unfortunately future events cannot be organized by Nigel or other New Verve Consulting staff as we are Atlassian Expert partners.

AUG leaders are Atlassian customers and volunteer their time to create interesting, fun AUG events. They don't need to be experts and can have experience with only a few of Atlassian's products. Take a look at the leadership opportunities, and feel free to reach out to Atlassian. 

What do AUG Leaders do?

 AUG leaders schedule and plan events, ensure good meetings, and share back with the community. You can seek ongoing sponsorship directly from Atlassian and New Verve Consulting (i.e. venue costs, food, drink etc.).

What are the perks?

 You get lots of perks as an AUG leader:

• Discount to the Atlassian summit
• Exclusive Atlassian swag (t-shirts, hoodies, and more!)

• Inside access and knowledge


Jiří Mičánek

Jiří Mičánek

New Verve Consulting

Atlassian Solutions Consultant
Harvey Wheaton

Harvey Wheaton

Chief Executive Officer: CodeClan

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Scott Seivwright

Scott Seivwright

Transformation Lead and Lean Agile Coach

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Nigel Rochford

Nigel Rochford

New Verve Consulting Ltd.

Managing Director and Project Manager
March 01, 2017
6:30 PM - 9:30 PM
CodeClan Offices
Tontine, 20 Trongate
Glasgow, G1 5NA
6:30 pm Welcome and Intro Introduction to the evening from New Verve's Nigel Rochford
6:45 pm "A Life of Planning"-- Harvey Wheaton Some insights into planning methodologies from CodeClan's CEO
7:15 pm "Planning in real-time with JIRA Portfolio"--Jiri Mičánek How to plan in real time using JIRA Portfolio
8:15 pm Refreshments
8:30 pm Metrics - the good, the bad and the Ugly (adventures in a SAFE and Agile Setting: Scott Seivwright Some insights into how SAFE can be applied using tools such as JIRA.
9:15 pm Networking!

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