Atlassian User Group Berlin Brandenburg, 18. October 2017

October 18, 2017 / 6:30 PM

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18:30 Arrival, Networking, Drinks&Snacks


19:10 How Archimedes Uses Atlassian Tools Across All Teams, Stephan Spenling, Archimedes Exhibitions GmbH

Content At Archimedes, we create exhibitions, brand spaces, and interactive installations for science centers, public institutions, and corporate clients worldwide. We embrace a highly integrated development process that covers project lifecycles from conception to fabrication to deployment.

We started by using JIRA for small software projects and over the years increased our use of Atlassian products to the point where they are deeply tied to all our business processes and define a single source of truth for HR, cash flow management, procurement, in-house manufacturing – literally everything from buying the first washer to making our products shine.

In this talk, learn how Atlassian helped us:

• find transparency through defined processes

• coordinate complex, fast-paced projects

• integrate more workflows

• balance workloads across different teams

• manage thousands of issues every day

Products covered: JIRA Software, JIRA Core, Confluence, HipChat

19:30 Q&A with Stephan

19:35 tbd, Riada, Stockholm via Skype

19:55 Q&A with tbd

20:00 ----- short break-----

20:10 Jira Without Borders: Sync Issue Data Across Company Borders with Backbone, k15t , Matthias Gaiser, Stuttgart

Content As Jira use expands in an organization, different kinds of teams often add their own instances, introducing new information gaps and workflow complexity. It gets even more challenging when these teams want to work with external partners who are also using separate Jira instances. This is where powerful, flexible, automated issue data synchronization saves the day. See how Backbone Issue Sync works across JIra borders, letting partners stay securely within their own systems, without painful workarounds. Cross-instance collaboration will change how you and your partners use Jira.

20:30 Q&A with Matthias

20:35 Project and Portfolio Management with Tempo, Sandra Björg Axelsdóttir, Tempo Software, Reykjavik via Skype

Content See how the Tempo stack works with other add-ons to make a dynamite PPM solution.

20:55 Q&A with Sandra

21:00 SUMMIT US 2017 update, Daniel Meisen, Kreuzwerker, Berlin

21:20 Q&A with Daniel

21:25 Open Space, Drinks & Snacks

22:00 End

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Stephan Spenling

Stephan Spenling

Archimedes Exhibitions GmbH

Matthias Gaiser

Matthias Gaiser


Sandra Axelsdóttir

Sandra Axelsdóttir

Tempo Software

Channels Manager
Daniel Meisen

Daniel Meisen

kreuzwerker GmbH

October 18, 2017
6:30 PM - 10:00 PM
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