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How do I register? Why does Atlassian need my email address?

To join the Atlassian User Group community, simply register here. This action allows you to RSVP for meetup events. AUG leaders can only contact you via Confluence if you have RSVP'ed to their event - no one outside of Atlassian has access to your email from this site. By signing up, you agree to receive Atlassian User Group related updates, which you can opt-out of at any time. 

Where can I change my calendar time zone?

 Navigate to the Calendar tab and click on the time zone displayed at the top of the calendar. Now click 'edit' and choose the appropriate time zone to save. 

Where can I find a list of upcoming meetups?

All upcoming user group meetings are automatically listed on the homepage once an event is added. You can also find upcoming events via the Calendar tab or the individual community page for the location you are looking for.

How can I RSVP for a particular meetup?

You can RSVP for an event everywhere the event is displayed: on the homepage, on the calendar, and on the individual AUG page. Click on the event and choose RSVP to say yes, no, maybe, and add a public comment. RSVP'ing will allow the user group leader to contact you with updates for that particular event via Confluence. 

You must be registered in order to officially register, otherwise you can only add the event to your calendar. 

Where are past events displayed? 

Past events are automatically archived as child pages of the AUG location once a new event is created. All past event information is stored and displayed on the right hand side of the particular user group page. All user group pages are listed under the Join tab

Where can I find a list of other attendees?

All registered users of the site who have RSVP'ed to an event will show up right under the event details on the AUG page (under the Join tab). Comments and statuses will appear next to the member's picture. Don't forget to upload your avatar!

How can I add a new user group event?

Only approved Atlassian User Group Leaders have the ability to add events to the calendar, and the Atlassian Community Team must add permissions manually. Please contact Brittany Walker and Holly Goldin [Atlassian] at if you need these permissions, or find information on how to Start a New AUG

Here is a quick tutorial (under 2 minutes) on how to add and manage events as an AUG leader. 

How can I contact my local community members?

AUG leaders can get in touch with members of your community (people who have RSVP'ed to your AUG events) by clicking 'Send Reminders' on the event details on your individual AUG page. The comment you enter will be the content of an email sent via Confluence, which automatically includes all the details of your event: date, time, location, etc. This is what the email looks like:

How do I add content to my AUG page?

AUG leaders with editing permissions (see How can I add a new user group event? above) can edit their individual community pages to add uniqueness by clicking on the pencil icon in the text box directly underneath the name of the page. If you are new to Confluence, check out this helpful doc page with editing tips. If you leave the top section blank, the details of your event will still appear once you've added them to the calendar. 

If you do not see your AUG location listed, please contact Brittany Walker and Holly Goldin [Atlassian], the Atlassian Community Team, at 

How do I update my profile?

Once you've registered or logged in to the site, you will see a white navigation bar at the top right hand side of your screen. Click on your name and scroll down to 'edit profile.' Make sure to upload a picture and add any information that could connect you to other members in your local community. 

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