Past Events

  • San Francisco Atlassian User Group 12-Feb-2014
  • San Francisco Atlassian User Group 28-Aug-2013
  • San Francisco Atlassian User Group 5-Mar-2013
  • Silicon Valley Atlassian User Group 29-Jan-2013
  • SF Bay Area Atlassian User Group 28-Nov-2012
  • SF Bay Area Atlassian User Group 19-Jul-2012
  • SF Bay Area Atlassian User Group 10-May-2012
  • SF Bay Area Atlassian User Group 9-Feb-2012
  • Live from Silicon Valley, it's Atlassian Launch Night! 25-Oct-2011
  • SF Bay Area Atlassian User Group 28-Apr-2011
  • SF Bay Area Atlassian User Group 3-Feb-2011
  • SF Bay Area Atlassian User Group 18-Nov-2010
  • SF Bay Area Atlassian User Group 25-Aug-2010
  • SF Bay Area Atlassian User Group 28-Apr-2010
  • SF Bay Area Atlassian User Group 18-Feb-2010
  • Palo Alto Atlassian User Group 28-Oct-2009
  • JIRA 4.0 Social 20-Oct-2009
  • San Francisco Atlassian User Group 18-Sep-2008
  • San Francisco Dev Chat 15-Mar-2007
  • Melbourne Cup Rides into San Francisco 6-Nov-2006

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Join us on Wednesday, February 12 for the San Francisco Atlassian User Group!
Food, drinks and excellent presentations between 6 and 8pm.

Presentations by:

Dan Chuparkoff, Atlassian: Latest updates on JIRA and an introduction to Service Desk

Alex Stillings, Twitter: Service Desk saved the HelpDesk!

Matt SommerAlanax: Tracking business leads in JIRA and reporting in Confluence

Anas Alamoudi, Quad Dimensions: Growing a business on JIRA and HipChat

Dave Elkan, Atlassian: Demo of Crontabs for automating team wallboards

When: Wednesday, February 12


650 7th Street

Enter via 7th St under the big 650 sign

San Francisco, CA 94103

Want to host a future meetup? Please email Nick.


Raju Kadam, Pandora

Nicholas Muldoon, Twitter

Atlassian Special Guests

Dave Meyer, Marketplace

Ben Naftzger, International Marketing

Aaron Forman, Communications

Caroline Nyce, JIRA

Jeff Sinclair, IT

Vivien Leong, Dev Tools

Jonathan Nolen, Engineering

Coream Kang, Interactive Marketing Developer

Next MeetupJune / July
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Next Meeting

San Francisco Atlassian User Group
Heroku 650 7th St, San Francisco
02/12/2014 6:00 PM - 8:00 PM PST
Nicholas Muldoon
San Francisco, CA
Join us for another brilliant AUG in the city. The latest and greatest from Atlassian and lightning talks from several customers.


Yes (128)
Matt Sommer
Jonathan Munevar
Chris Blackburn
Cant wait!
Ingo Renner
Atlassian_admin Brand2Mind
Seems like Atlassian is adding more feature that open new use cases. Interested in learning more.
Dave Theodore [Coyote Creek Consulting]
Zubin Irani
Matt Doar (ServiceRocket)
I'll be there
Ravi Kalaga
Marc Infield
Amy Lozano
Mary Raleigh
William Young
Kevin Kilkenny
Jan Van Bruaene
Bobby Vinas
Abhi Vaishnav
Steve Scott
John Walpole
Suzie Buxton
simon butler
Denise Carney
susan weaver
Steve Reichgut
Charlie Tuan
Sean Elenz-Martin
Shira Bezalel
Cristina Grosso
Justin Sung
Kåre Sune Godiksen
Ryan Dodds
Holly Goldin [Atlassian]
eBay JiraP
Srini Chimata from eBay, San Jose. Will be there.
Anthony Pelosi
Dimitris Glezos
Swee-Doon Goh
David Yu
Adam Wong
Juli Fischer [Atlassian]
David Nicholson [Atlassian]
Dave Meyer [Atlassian]
James Areias
aileen horgan
Ryan Houghtelling
Jose Palomares
Ross Lindell
Justin Raczak
Darshan Kansagara
Travis Morgan
Caroline Adams
Clint R
Jean Resener
Cedric Lignier
I'll be there
Paul Chan
Wayne Frost
Andrew HunzekerHesed
Sanjiva Nath
Robin Owen
See you there Nick!
Sandeep Jain
Patricia Boskin
Alex Prushynskyy
Viktoriya Ershova
Kanaga Arthy Ramanadhandapani
Jimmy Lim
Matt Silva
Barbara Finney
Rick Carini
David Witherspoon
Brian Soby
stuart thompson
Ray Kiddy
Adam Saint-Prix [Atlassian]
Robert MacCloy
Roxane Ehrenbard
Jeremy Biddle
Tyler Georgeson
alexandra bizani
Ranbir Chawla
Based out of Denver but our Dev team will be SFO that week, so we're excited to attend - bringing 2 others
Jonathan Port
Mark Miglio
Anthony Ikeda
Tiffany Lien
Manigandan Shri
Jen Song
Joel Brass
adam goodwin
Dominique Deguzman
Neil Vaz
Calder Duncasnon
Jeramie Webb
Pavel Machalek
Micah Figone
Joseph Clark [Atlassian]
Michael McKinstry
Chantel Benson
Michael Coxe
Kris Fortney
very cool
Samir Shah
Got Zephyr or ZAPI query? Discuss with anyone of us from ZEPHYR.
Christopher Wright
Mehron Latifi
John Rote
Josh Knutkowski
Nicholas Muldoon
Alex Stillings
Lacey Olson
Dylan Silva
Bill Cushard
Hamilton Magtibay
Francis Adanza
Veeresh Hosakere
Peter T
Have you automated Test - Staging - Production deployment of configuration? Contact us for live Configuration Manager for JIRA demo.
Rich Bowman
Have you automated Test - Staging - Production deployment of your configurations yet??? Contact us for live Configuration Manager for JIRA demo.
Armen Khachatryan
Jacquelyn Zehner [Atlassian]
Brandy Green
Kevin Dietz
will be there
Ahmad Saeed
Software Engineer Consultant @ Tacit Knowledge, with interest in JIRA plugins
Samaher Bayazeed
Rin Gomura
Hoyoon Hwang
Bernice Anne Chua


  • latest and greatest product updates from Dan Chuparkoff of Atlassian, 
  • how Twitter used Service Desk to scale their HelpDesk globally, 
  • how Alanax leveraged JIRA to track incoming business leads,
  • how Quad Dimensions uses JIRA and HipChat to bring a distributed development team together, and a
  • demo of Crontabs by Dave Elkan of Atlassian


Food, drinks and presentations between 6 and 8pm. Also, bring your questions along, meet other Atlassian customers and get answers!

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  1. Will we be getting a notification when the video from last night's meetup is posted?

    Great event by the way!! Really helpful and informative!

    1. Thanks for the feedback, Jonathan! We will certainly ping you when the video is live on our Atlassian YouTube page. 

  2. The long awaited videos of our fantastic presentations are now available for viewing on the Atlassian YouTube channel. Here are the direct links to share with your friends who couldn't join us:


  3. I've received at least two dozens of spams that went to the e-mail address I registered at  A quick Google search reveals that all our e-mail addresses are showing up in the HTML source code in this very web page:,+CA+Atlassian+User+Group

    Is there any plan to rectify this?  Target date?


    1. Hi Yue-shun,

      We are so sorry your e-mail address is being exposed. We are diligently working on remedying that exposure. I'll let you know as soon as we have a target date for the fix. Our sincere apologies!