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Join other Atlassian customers and increase product adoption and success of your internal teams by starting an Atlassian User Group within your company.

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How does Atlassian support company user groups?


Presentations, webinars, and other valuable information are provided from our Atlassian teams


We'll send a great selection of branded items to help promote your events with your fellow co-workers

Networking Opportunities

You'll be in contact with the most active Atlassian champions around the world. Build your network and learn more from their successes and failures.


We want to understand how to optimally use and implement Jira and Confluence using Agile thinking in our company. We created a user group to gain interest around product usage and find the most effective way to present information to our teams."

— Ingrid Smith, DevOps Confluence tool user support specialist, Barclays Africa


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Company user groups allow you to cater specifically to your organization's needs and unique business use cases.

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