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For nearly a decade, Atlassian customers have come together to network, share ideas, solve problems, and find new ways to use Atlassian products. Today, more than 15,000 people take part in Atlassian user groups in more than 30 countries.

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Meet the User Group Team


Darline Auguste


Darline's focus is supporting the user group experience in EMEA and APAC. As an American living in Amsterdam, Netherlands, she enjoys returning to the US to visit her family as well as traveling the world. She loves being active, hosting gatherings and all things music, tv and film.


Ashley Elder

Global Programs

Ashley is responsible for equipping user group leaders and deepening engagement with user group members around the world. A proud Boston native and current Austin, Texas transplant, Ashley is loyal to all things New England while enjoying the more livable weather and hospitality of Austin.


Celina Zamora-Torres


Celina’s focus is supporting the user group experience in the Americas. She’s a native Texan and world traveler at heart. Away from work, you’ll find her soaking up the great city of Austin, cycling with her family, planning dinners with friends, and writing for a popular local parenting blog.

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